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100 Icons of Jossverse

who the hell doesnt love the Jossverse?!

100 Icons from the Joss Whedon-Verse
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Welcome to Jossverse100... gee can you guess what we do here? Thats right, much like other 100 comms you claim.. you have weeks.. you post batches... which in the end is 100 icons of your claim. Only difference is... we do Jossverse ONLY. That includes, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, and anything else you know of that Joss Whedon has created... hell even Joss himself.

To Be a Team Player~
Join the community. Its not moderated so requests dont get e-mailed to me. BUT that doesnt mean you can just assign yourself something and post away. You need to comment to the claims post and request a subject. Then wait to be approved for said subject.

You Must Follow the Team Rules~
01. Your claim is your claim. If you claim Buffy Summers from BtVS your icons should focus only on her. Its alright for another charater to be in it but the main focus should be her. And please try to keep it to a minimum on putting other characters into the icons.

02. Unlike other 100 comms you CANNOT claim more than one subject at a time, like I said theres a lot of love for the Jossverse and everyone deserves a spot. So only claim one thing, then once your done feel free to claim another.

03. A claim can belong to ONE person at a time. If your claim is taken and you want nothing else but that claim, tough cookies. No i'm kidding, you can still request it, you'll just be put on the waiting list.

04. Don't rush youself. You have 6 weeks to complete your icons, post them is small batches if its easier. After 6 weeks if you have not completed your icons your subject will go back up for grabs. But please try to post your first batch within 1-2 weeks.

05. NEW ICONS! No offense though your talented and we love ALL your icons we dont want your leftovers, please make new fresh pretty pretty icons for us.

06. If ANY icon in your batch has rating beyond PG please put that in your post before your cut. Beyond PG would mean, sex, drugs, language, etc... BTW No nudity please, not that Joss shows that.

07. When posting your icons please post at the begining
Subject: which would be the person, season, episode, otp, etc...
Rating: PG, PG-13, NC-17, R
Number of themes in the set: if you used 5 themes in this batch put 5

08. Heres another change in the 100 comm rules. You DO NOT have to follow 50 themes. We know how hard it is to keep to certain themes. We will give you a choice of 50 themes, HOWEVER you have a choice. You do have to include themes but no less than 20 of them. Sounds fair right? Right.

However you get different awards for the number of themes you complete.

Include all 50 - gold banner
Include 40-45 - silver banner
Include 30-35 - bronze banner
Include 20-25 - blue banner

The themes however are how you imagine them. For example if your doing the theme dark day... your icon doesnt have to be dark... hell it can be bright firey colors! What I think of when I see dark day I think of the episode where Willow goes bazerk and kills Warren, with her hair black and her face veiny... thats dark day to me.

So when doing this knock on that door in your mind that has a big flashy neon sign that says "Imagination" and open it!

01. Phsyco/Crazy
02. Darkest Day
03. Wonderful
04. Excitement
05. Brood
06. Smarty Pants
07. Tough Guy
08. Bleed
09. Criminal(s)
10. Heartbreak/Heartache
11. Drunk/Wasted
12. Demons in my mind
13. Ghost in the room/ Invisible
14. Lie
15. Hero
16. Anti-Hero
17. Quiet / Hush / Secret
18. Grief
19. Murder / Kill/ Gun
20. Laughter is the sweetest sound
21. Guilt / Regret
22. Quit / Give-up
23. Pretty in pink
24. Different
25. Love
26. Hurt / Pain
27. WTF!? (aka shock, confused)
28. Hottie hot hi!
29. Tears fall down
30. Mistake
31. Misery
32. Humor me
33. Fire
34. Storm
35. Go see the wizard
36. Invitation
37. Date
38. Spirits and Charms
39. Jackass
40. Scary 'n' Creepy Much?!?
41. Distance
42. This is me
43. Bad... bad to the bone / Evil
44. F*king pissed off man!
45. Fight the good Fight
46. Pure hatred
47. Sarcasim
48. Vibrant Colors
49. Tease
50. Girls/Boys night out

Team.. another word for Family~
Contact jess at spike_lovesbitch @ yahoo.com to affiliate.

Every team needs a leader or two eh~

Before I end this terribly long semi-boring BUT IMPORTANT info thing. Please help with the pimpage... we need all the help we can get in the pimpage department! ~Much Love Jossverse Fans.